Two More iPad 2 Rumours Surface

Yes, we’re back with more iPad 2 rumours. After dual-core processors, smaller bezels and flat back panels come rear wide-range speakers and three separate versions of the tablet. Really, where does the speculation stop, truth begin and are we anywhere near getting an official announcement soon?

Rumours, Rumours everywhere.

Anyway, Digitimes is stating that Apple is priming itself for the launch of three different versions of the iPad 2, with CMDA and UTMS getting some love this time. This does make quite some sense to us, as Apple wants to expand the iPad market and what better way to do it than by adding CDMA support? Supporting this theory is the fact that most of the iPads being sold are the ones with 3G support, which means users prefer an iPad that’s constantly connected to the internet on-the-go.

A new video with a rumoured third-party casing for the iPad 2 has also been released. There really is no telling just how legitimate it is though, because as Mashable rightly states, Apple refrains from releasing specifications to third-party accessory manufacturers in order to avoid information leaks before the official announcements. Backing this up is the fact that the iPhone 4 didn’t have a single third-party case out in the market before its release, because manufacturers had no idea what measurements it had. Still, we’re throwing this video out there for you watch, so check it out below.