Twitter's new update to gauge user interest and allow viewing of tweets without making lists

Twitter has unrolled its Explore tab option which allows its users to keep track of their interests without having to follow anyone or any group in particular.

Representative Image. Reuters.

Representative Image. Reuters.

The Explore Tab, comes in the search panel. This segregates user's area of interest without having to follow anyone in particular, rather it allows one to see their tweets. But, obviously if someone changes their privacy settings from public to protected, then viewing becomes difficult and eventually one has to follow the handles.

Based on an algorithm which gauges user interest, this new feature gives the user a chance to have control over what they want to see.

According to a Twitter spokesperson, quoted on Buzzfeed News, this feature has been enabled on both iOS and Android. Added to this one can also mute tweets as well, even if they don't follow that particular person. With options like trending tweets, the task of remembering whom to follow is cut down, making it easier to just get the information you want.

Making it a personalised feature, the microblogging website feels that this is the latest step to curb abusive behaviour on its platform. It rolled out the new features on Monday to help users disable notifications from accounts that they want to avoid.

As per Twitter’s February earnings report,  the company’s growth has stagnated and it missed revenue estimates. It continues to do so.

The result was a sharp decline in its share price, a fall of almost 20 percent.

Published Date: Aug 21, 2017 11:26 AM | Updated Date: Aug 21, 2017 11:27 AM