Twitter will soon let users edit their tweets

Looks like, soon you will be able to edit tweets that draw the #GrammarNazi's ire. Just a couple of months after Facebook added the ability to edit posts; Twitter plans to bring an editing feature to its users too. Three sources related to the project have now confirmed to TheDesk that Twitter is testing a feature that could allow you to edit tweets after they are published.

Once a tweet is published, an “edit” feature will appear for a limited period of time and the company is still working on how long the edit button should appear. The feature would then allow the user to make slight changes like correcting a typo or adding/removing one or two words. However, each tweet can be edited just once. And once the user has edited the tweet, it will immediately be visible on his or her Twitter feed. The edited version of the tweet will also appear in any retweets the original got.

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The three Twitter employees revealed that the feature has been the company’s key priority for months. The micro-blogging site is also said to be looking to expand partnerships with “media organisations and original content producers”. According to the report, Twitter wants users to rectify incorrect information before it goes viral. However, it doesn’t want a user to completely modify a tweet to avoid spamming, which is the reason why it plans to include limitations to the number of characters/words changed or inserted/deleted.

It is also working on an “editorial algorithm” to check how the edit feature is being used – to fix minor mistakes or change the complete tweet. The company is still working on the editorial algorithm and it could take a few weeks or even months to get ready. Once the edit feature is ready, the company plans to test it with a select group of people.

Considering how quickly bad information can get viral, especially over Twitter, the edit feature seems to be a boon. However, unlike Facebook that shows that a particular post has being edited, the report doesn’t mention any such feature for Twitter.

Published Date: Dec 17, 2013 11:11 am | Updated Date: Dec 17, 2013 11:11 am