Twitter Timeline back up after an hour-long outage

Twitter seemed to be facing a minor issue this morning that affected its website as well as mobile apps. The issue seemed to be a worldwide one and saw frozen timelines and delayed tweet deliveries.

It was noticed that third party apps including TweetDeck and Hootsuite seemed unaffected on either platforms for a while but ended up facing similar issues within minutes after the website started to freeze. The problem seemed to have disappeared just an hour later, with Twitter timelines moving at a normal pace and Tweets being delivered just fine.

It did take Twitter a long enough time to restore normalcy to its website as well as mobile apps. For a micro-blogging website that churns out a high number of tweets per second, an hour seemed a long time for Twitter regulars.


Frozen Timelines, delayed Tweets


Twitter has been plagued with a number of problems since the past couple of months, including hacking of top-billed accounts as well as minor issues like bugs on its mobile platform.

The micro-blogging website has been facing a spate of hacks on high-profile Twitter accounts and released a warning to its users stating that the hacks were expected to continue. It advised users to change passwords regularly and keep email accounts secure. It also asked users to be wary of spear phishing tactics like suspicious DMs and emails.

This outage must have added to the miseries of Twitter for Android users especially. The app, despite its regular updates, has been under fire for being sub-par. The previous update saw a number of bugs in the app, including profile pages that refused to load and “ghost tweets” that saw floating tweets while scrolling through timelines.

While a quick-fix update was released to address the issue of the Me page not loading, users are still having issues with the app. Pull your socks up, Twitter, third-party apps are breathing down your neck. 

Published Date: May 06, 2013 14:27 PM | Updated Date: May 06, 2013 14:27 PM