Twitter shifts its headquarters to "Mid-Market", San Francisco

After being at 795 Folsom Street in San Francisco for nearly two and a half years, Twitter has flown out and found a new nest at 1355 Market Street in San Francisco. Twitter wrote in a blog post, "We’re especially pleased to benefit from the considerable effort Shorenstein (a real estate company) has taken to revitalize not only a beautiful landmark property, but a corner of the City that had fallen on hard times." Twitter's new nest is in what's known as the Mid-Market part of San Francisco and comprises of three floors in the building. According to Business Insider, the city of San Francisco offered Twitter, and a few other companies, some significant tax breaks to move to that area. Had they not done that, Twitter would have potentially moved to the suburbs of San Francisco.


Twitter's new hq. Image courtesy: Shorenstein Properties LLC

Twitter's new HQ (Image courtesy: Shorenstein Properties LLC)



The part of town that Twitter moved to is just up the street from San Francisco's skidrow (which of course explains the significant tax breaks). The building however, allows employees to forget that they work in a neighbourhood, which, according to, has twice the crime rate than the neighbourhood that Twitter previously lived in. The employees have access to a roof, which Business Insider says makes it hard for them to imagine working anywhere else.


Twitter had considerable help to move to their new location from not only public officials in San Francisco, but also private companies. They wrote, "Twitter was born in the City by the Bay, and we’re grateful to Mayor Ed Lee, the Board of Supervisors (especially Supervisors Jane Kim and David Chiu), the Office of Economic and Workforce Development, and the Shorenstein Company for helping us expand locally." They also wrote around 14 months ago that San Francisco is their home and they intend to stay in the city in which they were born and grew. Twitter also says that they're looking forward to strengthening their new community. They wrote, "Among other things, we’re looking forward to meeting our new neighbors. We aim to be a friend and good citizen to the many wonderful social service, arts and charitable organizations based here, and to do our part in renewing an historic — and newly promising — area."