Twitter revamps profile editing functionality by allowing inline changes

Twitter has revised the way its profile editing functionality works. All the editing functions can now be accessed inline while on your Twitter profile. The revamped version not only allows information to be updated on a users Twitter profile directly, but also allows a drag and drop option for headers and background photos, which can be uploaded directly from a user’s computer.

These new developments were revealed by Twitter engineer Patrick Ewing, who also included a YouTube video about the feature. Along with this, Twitter has also updated the “Editing your profile” section found in its Help Center.

While going through the Help Center, clear instructions were seen as to what users can now change in their accounts. Alternatively, all a user needs to do to see these changes first hand is go to their profile and click the edit profile button under their profile information.

Twitter revises its profile editing functionality for users

Twitter revises its profile editing functionality for users


In a nutshell, the new feature allows users to update their name, location, website, biography and so on directly on their Profile settings page. Profile pictures can also be changed directly now. All users need to do is click the “Change photo” button next to the profile image. The option bar that appears now lets you upload a photo or remove the existing photo. If users are happy with their image, they can now position and size it as they see fit and apply the changes.  


If the header photo needs to be changed, the same process can be repeated – users just need to click the “Change header” button next to the Header photo. The options are similar here as well, with upload, positioning and sizing features being offered as well.


Twitter is trying to make the profile page easier and more user-friendly for people who come to Twitter. As the process of updating a Twitter account becomes easier, users will be encouraged to update their profiles regularly. This in turn will make the site itself look good. At least that is what Twitter seems to be trying. Be that as it may, Twitter users should definitely find these tweeks useful when changing their personal information. 

Published Date: Jun 01, 2013 17:54 PM | Updated Date: Jun 01, 2013 17:54 PM