Twitter retires older API, lays TweetDeck for Android, iOS, AIR to rest

Twitter has finally retired API v1, bidding a final goodbye to TweetDeck for iOS, Android and Adobe AIR. The micro-blogging service has now completely transitioned to its the latest version of it API i.e v1.1.

This transition means that Twitter clients will now have to use the newer API v1.1 in order to provide their users with full-fledged Twitter features. In a blog post announcing API v1’s retirement, Taylor Singletary of Twitter wrote that based on the blackout tests that have been conducted recently, a “vast majority” of third-party applications have already moved on to API v 1.1.


Bidding adieu to API v1 and Twitter clients that are retiring


Singleraty wrote that developers who had not updated their apps to be in line with the newer version of the micro-blogging website’s API could still do so by following these resources. The newer API, however, has not been taken up by all applications, who have instead opted to shutter their service. The withdrawal of API v1 has spelled doom for widely used third-party applications such as SilverBird and the desktop-based Destroy Twitter. If you’ve been using any of these apps, you will need to find a new favourite third-party application or stick to Twitter’s native apps. 

While the updated API offers an improved rate limit window of 15 minute chunk per endpoint, it places restrictions on the number of user tokens Twitter clients can use. The limit has been fixed at 100,000 tokens for apps that replicate Twitter's core user experience, but this limit can be raised after obtaining permissions from Twitter. For other apps the pre-defined limit is 10 times that. 

This news will cause heartache to some users of TweetDeck as the Android, iOS and AIR version of the app was living on an extended lease of life since the past month. Originally slated to be killed off on May 7, the existence of API v1 allowed users to access these apps. Unfortunately, it is finally time to bid goodbye to TweetDeck on these platforms.

Published Date: Jun 13, 2013 09:07 am | Updated Date: Jun 13, 2013 09:07 am