Twitter Music coming right up! A login page for the service emerges

Right on cue to corroborate rumours about Twitter Music launching at Coachella this weekend, a webpage at has appeared. The sly release is nothing more than a webpage right now, but it looks like the service coming up properly is only a matter of time now.

When you head on to the webpage, you will be greeted with a blank background with “#music” standing out on the screen. There is a sign in button too, that – surprise, surprise – actually works! The app will throw up a window that typically comes up when an external app requires details from your Twitter account in order to work.

The mysterious web page

The mysterious webpage


Unfortunately, when you do authorise Twitter Music, it only redirects you back to the same page. Interestingly, the app’s name shows up as “Trending Music Web” when you’re about to auithorise it. We’re expecting the webpage to reveal a lot more over the weekend now.

While a lot of music junta is still sinking details about #music in, Ryan Seacrest has claimed that he’s already using Twitter’s music app and is loving it. The American Idol host took to Twitter to talk about the app. “playing with @twitter's new music app (yes it's real!)...there's a serious dance party happening at idol right now,” he wrote. He also mentioned what the app can do. “Lovin the app...shows what artists are trending, also has up and coming artists... spinning u now @frankturner,” he tweeted.

Twitter had confirmed only yesterday that it had acquired We Are Hunted, a popular music tracking tool that will play a huge part in the soon to be launched Twitter Music service. According to reports that emerged last month, Twitter had acquired We Are Hunted last year and had been working on building a music discovery service app ever since. The service will apparently help users discover new music based on content from their Twitter profiles, making it a slightly unique idea as compared to other services in this category.

The standalone app is all set to hit the Internet around this weekend, according to a report. It was earlier rumoured that the service will launch today itself, but it looks like the announcement might happen a little later in the weekend, even as the Coachella Music Fest is underway.

Published Date: Apr 12, 2013 15:25 PM | Updated Date: Apr 12, 2013 15:25 PM