Twitter gives TweetDeck a facelift

The popular micro-blogging service, Twitter has given TweetDeck a makeover. According to PCMag, the web and desktop versions of TweetDeck now sport customisation options that allow you to change the colour theme of the app and the font size. To see the new update take effect, users will have to restart the application. An update for the Mac app is currently available on the Mac App Store.

While the update hasn’t made any changes to the functionality of the app, it includes new themes such as the brighter white-blue combination theme. To change the colour theme, you can click on the toggle button on the top toolbar.

Twitter has given TweetDeck a facelift

Twitter has given TweetDeck a facelift


Twitter had added some features into the TweetDeck app back in March. The updates also seem to make TweetDeck an extension of Twitter for web. According to a blog post on Twitter, for one, you can edit and delete lists right from within the app. Also, all user profiles come with an 'Add or Remove from Lists' menu item. List memberships should now be easier to manage.

Furthermore, Twitter had added two more columns to TweetDeck, which will allow you to see additional activity on Twitter, including Retweets, Favourites, and Follows. An Interactions column is listed under the 'Add Column' tab, which functions a little more like a mention column. In fact, it functions like the @username column on Twitter for web. It shows when you've been mentioned, Retweeted, Favourited, or Followed. Another column they added is the Activity column. Here, the activity of everyone you follow is listed. You are able to see Follows, Retweets and Favourites that people you follow have done. This is much like the Activity tab in Twitter for web.

Thanks to the update, TweetDeck also got in-line media previews, so images and videos can be viewed more quickly. A small preview of the image or video will be seen under the related tweet. However, if you don't want to want to see in-line media, you can turn the feature off in Settings>General. Additionally, you can view a large preview of images and videos in an in-app media gallery. Click the preview image, or the URL in the Tweet, and the media will be displayed in a large gallery view.

Finally, the Edit and RT feature is back in the form of an 'Edit and RT' button. Before the update, you would only be able to RT using 'quotes', which didn't let you edit Retweets before sending them.

Twitter had acquired TweetDeck back in 2011. According to a previous report, it seems Twitter put pen to paper and closed the deal at over $40 million which included cash as well as stock.

Published Date: Oct 11, 2012 12:41 PM | Updated Date: Oct 11, 2012 12:41 PM