Twitter for Blackberry Gets Major Update

The Twitter for Blackberry application has finally received the update that it's been in beta for six weeks now. The application now allows Blackberry users to have geotagged tweets and push notifications. The version, entitled Twitter v1.1 will be in the Blackberry App Store shortly. This is what the update will have:


Geotagged Tweets: Allowing users to add a location to their tweets. Twitter started this ability in March and it's now available for Blackberries. You can switch geotagged tweets on and off from an icon in the top menu bar. People who see the tweet can see the location on a map by clicking on an icon that appears in the bottom right corner.

Tweet from Rome and let them know!

Tweet from Rome and let them know!




Push Notifications: Twitter for iPhone got push notifications for mentions back in November. This will now be available on Blackberry. Users can choose whether they'd want all mentions or just their followers' mentions to be push notified.


Topic Autocomplete: When a user types a hashtag # with a trend following, the application will provide suggestions for autocompletion based on previously used hashtags.


Chat Style Messages: Direct Messages will follow the same format as does Twitter's desktop application. Which means Direct Messages will just be called 'Messages' and are laid out in a chat style format so users can see previous messages in the thread.


Language Support: Tweeters tweeting in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Polish, Czech, or Thai will have support in their language on their Blackberry.


Blackberry users, let us know what you think of these updates and whether you would still use a third party app to access Twitter.

Published Date: Apr 13, 2011 06:09 pm | Updated Date: Apr 13, 2011 06:09 pm