Twitter can haz a new language - LOLCats!

If there is one single, universally accepted fact about the Internet, it is that users on it are biased towards cats. Showing a great deal of love to our feline friends, Twitter has quietly released the LOLCats lingo as the new language for the website.

Twitter users can now set their default language from English to LOLCatspeak. You can either switch to the language from the Settings option within your profile or head over to

The meme language is a slightly twisted version of normal English (more phonetic, we think) and usually goes well together with funny and cute cat pictures on the Internet. Once you’ve switched to the LOLCat language, you will notice that everything on your profile looks rather "loud" with options in all-caps.




While all the options remain essentially the same, your Home page becomes ‘HUM’, Find Friends becomes ‘FIN FRIENDS’ and View Summary is now ‘VIEW SUMMARY, KTHXBYE’ (we would rather it read KTHXBAI) amongst other changes.

The language is indeed fun to use, but it does look like Twitter could’ve been a lot more creative with LOLCats the language. Some tabs like "ME", "FOLLOWIN", "FOLLOWERS", "LISTS" etc. read the same only with a caps lock overdose and dropping  of random alphabets within the name.

It is possible Twitter did this in order to maintain some kind of normalcy to the look of the profile and site, but hey, you wouldn’t turn LOLCats on unless you wanted to go completely cat crazy on the micro blogging website. Our personal favourite right now is the kitty catch-phrase "MOAR" instead of More Changes.

So while the changes might not entirely be satisfactory to LOLCats aficionados, the good news is that this language is still in beta and hopefully, Twitter will improve on this and not abandon kitty-speak midway. This language change now puts Twitter in the august company of Facebook that allows users to change languages to PirateSpeak and LeetSpeak, where Facebook will talk to you like you’re captaining a ship on the high seas or use ASCII characters instead of Latin ones.

This change in language seems to be Twitter’s way of warming up to its user base before the company goes public with its 2014 IPO. The light-hearted move of introducing a fun language comes after weeks of tumultuous situations Twitter has found itself in.

To start off with, Twitter found itself on the wrong side of Apple’s good mood when its recent acquisition Vine, exclusive to iOS started to throw up pornographic content. Vine supports shooting and uploading of short, looping six second videos that play sound. This format became conducive for Pornographers to put up explicit videos, much to Apple’s chagrin. Thrown out of the Editor’s Choice of the Apple App Store, Vine finally swallowed the bitter pill and started to clean up its act, urging users to report such videos.

Twitter also sent out urgent emails to more than 250,000 users, whose accounts the micro-blogging site feared was hacked into and details stolen. Following this scare, Twitter said that it wished to introduce two-factor authentication to stop such incidents being repeated.


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Published Date: Feb 09, 2013 10:54 am | Updated Date: Feb 09, 2013 10:54 am