Twitter Allows DMs to Verified Accounts Without Followbacks

Twitter is working on a way that fans and critics alike can send direct messages to verified accounts without the need of the follow back. This way, communication between representatives who handle those verified Twitter accounts and people who try to communicate with them becomes a little easier. It means that users with a verified account don't have to follow someone just for receiving and sending direct messages and then unfollowing them after the interaction is over.

No need for follows to DM a verified account

No need for follows to DM on a verified account




This, of course, makes more sense for brands than it does for celebrities. While free DMing them will have its perks for fans, the usefulness of this feature will really be for services like airlines, banks and magazines. Right now, in India, services that perform a lot of customer service over Twitter are Jet Airways, Vodafone and ICICI Bank (to name a few). When a customer has a flight scheduling or reservation issue, it will be a lot easier to send DMs to Jet Airways than say tweet a generic problem tweet mentioning Jet Airways, waiting for them to follow you and tell you to DM them, and then finally DM them. Same goes for customer service problems with Vodafone and ICICI. The problem though right now is none of these three accounts are verified accounts. Once they get verified status, user interaction should get easier.


Tata Docomo, however, has a verified account and has tweeted this new feature of Twitter. Now you can DM them directly without the need of reciprocated follows.

Published Date: Jul 05, 2011 01:45 pm | Updated Date: Jul 05, 2011 01:45 pm