Twilio client lets Android developers add VoIP to apps

Twilio has put forth the Twilio Client for Android, a software development kit, which makes it simpler for mobile developers to integrate voice over IP (VoIP) to their Android mobile applications. This will enable turning any part of an app into a fully functional VoIP phone. With the release of the SDK for Android, the client has now been made available for both popular mobile platforms – Android and iOS. Twilio Client for Android ropes in key features to build applications with integrated communications. It allows developers to build buddy lists into any app in order to help users know who is online and the Twilio platform also notifies an app to inform that the user is ready for voice chat. The mobile apps market has been growing and promises great potential for future. Today, we have an app for just about everything and this new inclusion for multiple platforms would elevate it further.  

Now for Android

Now for Android


"With the launch of Twilio Client for Android, we now support the vast majority of smartphones globally," said Thomas Schiavone, Director of Product Management for Twilio. "With this many developers and our proven success on iOS, we know we'll see some incredible and innovative cross-platform communication apps in the months to come."

The SDK receives voice calls, even if the app is not the current one being used and users can play games or read e-mail. They can switch to their communication app only on receiving an incoming call. Twilio client supports cross-platform interoperability. It supports Android, iOS, and web browsers, so that apps can make calls between any platform without issues. This would ensure that the functions of the app aren’t limited to just a single platform. The platform also helps bridging VoIP calls with traditional phone calls. Developers can click here to get started.

Published Date: May 16, 2012 02:50 pm | Updated Date: May 16, 2012 02:50 pm