TweetDeck to cease support for Android, iOS and AIR today

Well folks, its time to say goodbye to TweetDeck if you’re using the app on Android, iOS or AIR. TweetDeck will today be discontinuing support for these platforms and will also halt support for Facebook feeds.

TweetDeck for AIR, Android and iOS will also not be available for download on their respective stores starting today. Users who have not removed Facebook feeds from their TweetDeck dashboard will be in for a bit of a surprise as the columns will disappear today. 


The Android, iOS and AIR versions of the app are being killed in favour of its browser version. Back in March, the company said that over the past 18 months, it was focused on building a fast and feature-rich web application for modern browsers as well as a Chrome app that offers some unique features like notifications.


Goodbye, TweetDeck apps


TweetDeck’s team seems to have a valid explanation for pulling the plug on its apps. “Over the past few years, we’ve seen a steady trend towards people using TweetDeck on their computers and Twitter on their mobile devices.” This trend, the blog reads, coincides with an increased investment in the Twitter apps for iPhone and Android––photo filters and other editing capabilities were added in the past few months, the user profiles were revamped and search got a couple of new features. “That said, we know this applies to most of our users––not all of them. And for those of you who are inconvenienced by this shift, our sincere apologies.”

Twitter has clamped down on third-party apps to help shift users’ focus to its own products. But wanting to shut TweetDeck down came as a surprise to a lot of users, as Twitter itself owns the service. TweetDeck has always been a popular third-party client and Twitter was doing a good job of maintaining it as its very own, yet separate app. Twitter will hopefully be able to develop TweetDeck for browsers to be the next best thing.

Published Date: May 07, 2013 03:30 pm | Updated Date: May 07, 2013 03:30 pm