Tweetbot for iOS update brings in-line support for Vine and Flickr

The guys at Tapbots have released a neat update to the popular Twitter client, Tweetbot for iOS. The update enables the app to support in-line image previews for Flickr and Vine and adds support for Chrome and 1Password.

With this update, you can now load Vine videos right in the app without having to open a separate page to load the video. The app now also has native support for output through AirPlay and sports a full-screen view for videos. It usually takes rather long to get access to new Twitter features like the very useful cards, but the guys over at Tapbots have found a way to include the inline Vine video feature to Tweetbot in a clean fashion.

Now view images and videos inside the app

Now view images and videos inside the app


Flickr has also found favour with Tweetbot in this update, and photos from the website are now downloaded and put in-line when you open a tweet in the app. This comes only a couple of months after Flickr underwent a major overhaul and rolled out a shiny new iOS app.


The new, cleaner Flickr app looks inspired by Instagram. The Yahoo-owned photo sharing website has added filters too: there are 16 unique camera filters that can be used in Flickr now. Coincidentally, the filters are powered by Aviary, the service Twitter has tied up with for its own app.

Tweetbot will now show off these Instagramified images in-line with the tweets in its own app. The app will also give you options to go to Flickr’s website and view the original image, copy the picture, or even share the link. The same can be done with Vine videos too.

It’s mildly surprising that Tweetbot would choose to bring Vine integration to the app so soon, especially with the new service embroiled in controversy ever since launch. The iOS-only app from Twitter allows you to put out short six second videos in a loopy format with sound, and the format turned out to be conducive to pornographers to post sexually explicit videos, thereby enraging Apple. While Twitter is already asking users to flag offensive videos so that the company can add warnings, Apple has quietly removed Vine from its featured list for violating its Terms of Services.

Besides adding in-line images and video features, Tweetbot now supports Google Chrome’s iOS browser, meaning you can choose to open an external link from within the app in Safari, Chrome or 1Password.

Tweetbot has also added better support to mute tweets with URLs. The updates for both the iPad and iPhone versions of Tweetbot have been rolled out and are available in the Apple App Store.

Published Date: Feb 06, 2013 04:19 pm | Updated Date: Feb 06, 2013 04:19 pm