TV show builds simulator worth 3 crore to play Battlefield 3

Many of us are going gaga over EA’s latest installment of the Battlefield multiplayer war simulation. The game is going to be out in under a week’s time and gamers everywhere are upgrading their PCs to able to have a realistic experience with the game. At the same time, there are those who want to take things to a whole new level. The Gadget Show, a TV program in the UK has worked along with technicians from across Europe to build what could easily be the most expensive gaming simulator in the world. The entire project cost roughly $650,000 to make - that’s close to 3 crore Indian Rupees. 



From the teaser trailer that’s available on Youtube, the simulator includes screens that surrounds the player who stands in the centre while images are projected on the screen. The entire experience is made more immersive by strobe lights that flash from the ceiling depending on the terrain and environment in the game. Unlike 3D simulators in the past, where movements are controlled using a joystick in the hands of the player, here the player physically moves around the area while being pushed back using multiple moving platforms on the floor. There are guns and pistols that the player can hold in his hand and aim at the surroundings like he would in the real world. The most realistic effect however comes in the form of real pain as the  player appears to feel it, when a bullet hits him. It's safe to assume we won't be seeing these in homes anytime soon.

Published Date: Oct 24, 2011 06:01 pm | Updated Date: Oct 24, 2011 06:01 pm