Tutorial Videos of BlackBerry Bold Touch 9930 Leak Out

Research in Motion (RIM) really loves to pamper various people over the internet. We last saw a few images of the Monza leak, and now there are some sources leaking tutorial videos of the BlackBerry Bold Touch 9930. While one of them shows the hardware, the other three show features like pinch-to-zoom, call-making and the homescreen of the smartphone.

BlackBerry's latest is Bold and Touch-worthy

BlackBerry's latest is Bold and Touch-worthy


The first video you see below is of the smartphone which show the sleek volume rocker and lock screen buttons on the right side, a power button on the top and a mini-USB port on the left side of the BlackBerry Touch 9930. From the way it looks, the handset is quite wide but looks pretty sleek as well.

The other video shows the pinch-to-zoom feature along with other operations like the browser, picture viewer and the menu screen of the smartphone. Then there’s also one video of the homescreen which shows the traditional BlackBerry homescreen get a revamp. Finally the third video shows how a user gets to make a call, but that’s about it.

Basic Features