Tumblr will continue as usual, clarifies Yahoo

Although Yahoo’s acquisition of Tumblr is final, the brand Tumblr will not change, claim the sources who spoke to AllthingsD.com and are close to the deal. While there will be changes in order to make the platform more salient for advertising, for now there will not be any changes to the way Tumbr works.


This includes clear promises from Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer to Tumblr CEO David Karp, who has reportedly always shied away from other companies that he feared would change what Tumblr has always been. The Yahoo CEO is also clear that there will be no forced integration with any of Yahoo’s other content properties.


While this was not unexpected, the announcements will definitely help placate much of Tumblr’s user base, which has been very vocal about their disapproval regarding the deal. One of the major factors that Yahoo has keenly been considering, though, is the explicit content that you can come across while on Tumblr. While excessive adult content is a surefire way to scare advertisers away, Yahoo believes that they can work around it over time.  

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Yahoo clarifies that Tumblr will work just like before..



As noted by Peter Kafka of AllthingsD.com, “Tumblr’s advertisers don’t have to worry about their stuff showing up on blogs like We Want Porn. At worst, it’s possible that they’ll end up advertising to a user whose dashboard includes posts from We Want Porn. But in general, they ought to be pretty well insulated from that stuff”.


Yahoo, while it can definitely change the landscape of Tumblr by ridding it completely of porn, it might not do so, because there is a risk of losing users to the move. Thus it is clear that Yahoo really needs to understand what its users put up and want to consume, before making any changes to the content on the platform.


Apart from the users and advertisers, Yahoo is also spending a lot of time placating Tumblr CEO Karp. Karp, who has famously been quoted on how advertising makes him sick, has spent a lot of time with Yahoo CEO Mayer on the deal, how Tumblr will shape up after the acquisition and what impact it will have on the platform. It is clear from the deal, a part of which involves Karp continuing on in Yahoo for 4 years, that the company is giving the Tumbr CEO a lot of freedom in the way he wants to take the platform forward.


Tumblr has become increasingly friendly towards ads over the last few years and has recorded a turn-over of over $13 million last year, making it a good platfrom for advertising. Yahoo,however, is clear that it is going to be very careful with the platform because a lot can go wrong.

Published Date: May 20, 2013 12:32 pm | Updated Date: May 20, 2013 12:32 pm