Tumblr users not happy with Yahoo takeover

While Yahoo has approved a $1.1 billion dollar deal for Tumblr, many users who populate the popular blogging platform have expressed their unhappiness about the deal. While the deal will definitely help Yahoo increase its reach to the younger audiences, users fear that the takeover may damage or even destroy the platform.

With many users talking through Twitter to voice their ire, it seems the user base that Yahoo wants to capitalise on, do not want the takeover to happen. While some have started a petition to prevent the sale from happening, others are thinking about switching over to other platform. On Twitter, typing in the hashtag #tumblr will show up users like @missADelgado saying “So David Karp sold #tumblr to Yahoo after all. Blech. Time to move to Word Press”, while user @DiannaSimgron saying "Yahoo don't touch my baby #tumblr." Other users caution by saying "Brace yourselves: Your # Tumblr belongs to #Yahoo now".

Typing in Yahoo on Tumblr shows a great deal of distress, anger and frustration. One Tumblr user, bespectacledsloth on said ‘Dear Followers, in the event that Yahoo acquires Tumblr and screws it up completely (which they will), it’s been a good run, it’s been fun, and I will miss all of you dearly.” Others have been more aggressive in their comments, which have also ranged to the profane.

Tumblr users fear the worst.(photo credit: inkreadability)

Tumblr users fear the worst (photo credit: inkreadability)


With #inkredibility terming the take-over “The Yahoo Apocalypse 5:19:2013”, the acceptance that you see from users after a takeover of their favourite products does not seem to appear anywhere on the horizon. Another example of user agitation came when Instagram was taken over by Facebook last year.

It is really important for Yahoo to consider this because mass user agitation can lead to a shift, which may cause Tumblr to lose some of its user base. It is also important for the company not to dilute or change the brand much, because users are protective about the space Tumblr provides them.


At the same time, users are agitated due to a variety of reasons. As explained by the Wall Street Journal,"Tumblr potentially offers personal data on millions of individual users, and an ability to help Web content go "viral" as friends share popular posts. Data is at the heart of Yahoo's ability to sell online advertising across its sites, based on what it knows about its people's interests."


 Tumblr users are clearly worried  because of that. Yahoo now has to be very careful with what it does next with Tumblr.

Published Date: May 20, 2013 11:32 am | Updated Date: May 20, 2013 11:32 am