Tumblr updates Android app with completely redesigned interface

Tumblr has updated its Android app, and it has undergone a visual refresh. First things first, the interface of the Android application has been completely redesigned. Among the new additions to the app are fancy post animations. Tumblr has also made the images 'pop', i.e. when you hit on the images within posts, it opens up with a pop-like animation.


The Tumblr app allows users to find and follow their favorite blogs in the Dashboard. Users can also share photos, videos, quotes, chats, links and text. The app also includes some advanced controls like the ability to save drafts, queue posts, customise tweets, among other things. Users can also view and reply to messages. Tumblr users can find people to follow from the address book and seamlessly manage their blogs. The updated app is up for grabs on Google Play.

Check out the completely redesigned interface

Check out the completely redesigned interface



Tumblr has been quite regular with its app updates over the past few months. Just last month, Tumblr revamped its iOS app to version 3.3 with a new update that added a whole bunch of new features, including a redesigned camera interface and integrated photoset capabilities.


The update didn't change the visual feel of the application or the overall functioning. Some new features were added for a better user experience with images on the site. The most important of the new features was the redesigned camera app. Tumblr’s new camera for iPhone and iPod touch got new buttons for toggling between the front and rear cameras, setting the flash function and switching grid view on and off. The iPad app, of course, has no buttons for flash settings.


The refreshed app also provides for a new scrollable view of your library. This easy new view will help you select multiple images from the view itself so you can add it to your post.


Last year in October, Tumblr released a standalone app called Photosets for iOS users to piece together photos as a collection and share it with family and friends. This ability has now been added to the Tumblr app itself so you need not use the desktop site or the Photosets app to do so. Finally, Tumblr for iOS will fetch the title for you once you copy or enter a URL, making sharing and using linked posts easier.


In February, the blogging site added a new Facebook-esque feature that put up real-time notifications on your dashboards. Thanks to this new addition, you now have more interesting images coming up on your feeds without having to refresh the page over and over.

Published Date: Apr 09, 2013 20:11 PM | Updated Date: Apr 09, 2013 20:11 PM