Tumblr reaches 100 million blogs landmark

Slowly and silently, Tumblr has reached the hundred million blog mark this week. The site is home to 44.6 billion posts within these hundred million blogs, the ticker on Tumblr’s about page has revealed.

The site was founded in 2007 and grew slowly for the first few years. In April last year, it was revealed that the site had reached the milestone of hosting 50 million blogs for the first time. The recent surge in Tumblr’s popularity has ensured that it has doubled in the number of blogs in almost less than a year.

Earlier this month, the number of blogs on the site stood at 93 million. Nearly six million more blogs were created on the platform in the past month alone. There have been 44.6 billion posts made on Tumblr’s blogs, with numbers increasing by the day. Only today, over 80 million posts have been made on the site! While the website does not offer a separate tally of how many GIF-based posts are included in these numbers, we have a feeling that it covers a huge chunk of the share.

100 million blogs strong

100 million blogs strong


There is no denying that Tumblr holds a strong position of its own despite being faced by social media big-wigs like Facebook and Twitter. Known for its slight “hipster” bent of posts, Tumblr specialises in building image heavy blog posts. Brands like Coca Cola, Barbie, Disney Pixar, GQ and more have been known to run highly successful Tumblr pages.

National Geographic this month chose Tumblr as the ideal platform to release rare images from its archives on the occasion of its 125th anniversary. Called “Found", National Geographic's Tumblr blog is a treasure trove of lost, rare and unpublished images. Some of the most breathtaking and rare images include a view of the Taj Mahal on the banks of the Yamuna river in 1923 and an image of Alexander Graham Bell kissing his wife who is standing within a tetrahedral kite that dates back to 1903 amongst others.

After having left the platform stagnant for a while, Tumblr’s makers have been pushing for major revamp of all its apps these days. The social network upped its iOS app to version 3.3 with a redesigned camera app and integrated photoset capabilities.

Tumblr’s new camera for iPhone and iPod touch has new buttons for toggling between front and rear cameras, setting the flash function and switching grid view on and off. The refreshed app also provides for a new scrollable view of your library. This easy new view will help you select multiple images from the view itself so you can add it to your post. This will end up making photosets right from your profile.

Only last year in October, Tumblr had released a standalone app called Photosets for iOS users to piece together photos as a collection and share it with family and friends. This ability has now been added to the Tumblr app itself so you need not use the desktop site or the Photosets app to do so.

Tumblr went slightly the Instagram way with this update. You can now simply double tap on the images quite like Instagram to “heart” them. Changing avatars has also become easy with a single tap.

Published Date: Mar 28, 2013 06:05 pm | Updated Date: Mar 28, 2013 06:05 pm