Trials Evolution: Gold Edition out now on PC

The latest version of popular game Trials, dubbed Trials Evolution: Gold Edition, has finally been released on the PC. Ubisoft claims that the Gold Edition is the biggest game in the Trials franchise and features 129 tracks and minigames from Trials Evolution and Trials HD.

The game will also have the same feature that made its console version popular, namely the in-game level editor. Trials Evolution saw massive success when it made its debut on Xbox LIVE because of the editor. The editor allows you to create your own levels and upload it online for others to try out. The ability to download levels created by others gave the game a long life. The PC-exclusive Gold Edition will also have global leaderboards and four-player multiplayer, in both local and online modes.

Trials Evolution was released on Xbox LIVE back in May 2012. The game is famous for the replay value afforded by its level creator. It has been described by many as the classic Excitebike from the NES, albeit with punishing physics and trickier tracks, so much so that it is regarded more as a platformer than a racing game by some.

Trials Evolution is finally out on the PC

Trials Evolution is finally out on the PC


Obstacles on tracks can be anything from ramps and rocks to tractor tyres and walls. Obstacles vary in size and angle and your ability to negotiate them will depend on your mastery over your bike.

The dirt bikes at your disposal increase in power as you progress through the game and some of the later bikes are so powerful that if you accelerate too much, they throw you into an uncontrollable wheelie. Besides intricate throttle control, you also have to lean the ride forward or back depending on the obstacle you’re about to face.

The single player campaign is expansive, and you play most of the tracks multiple times to get your best possible time. Connect to Xbox Live and there’s even more incentive to replay single player events as you see times set by your buddies on the friends' leaderboard.

One major area of improvement in Evolution, compared to older games in the series, is the variety in environments. While earlier you were confined to the same industrial setting, this game mixes things up with tracks featuring backdrops like canyons, forests and even some of them suspended high in the sky. There are scripted set pieces thrown into some tracks as well.

You can play offline or online multiplayer with up to four players, and the great thing here is that even in offline mode, there’s no split-screen; all players appear on screen at all times. You can play through single player events online, where your opponents show up as ghosts, but the main draw is supercross. Each player is given his own lane on the track, a la Excitebike, so there’s no contact between players and it’s just a matter of who’s the quickest to the finish line.

You can grab the game from either Uplay or Steam for $19.99 (approx. Rs 1,084). Check out our Trials Evolution review to know more.

Published Date: Mar 21, 2013 03:59 pm | Updated Date: Mar 21, 2013 03:59 pm