Trend Micro releases Titanium Maximum Security 6.0

Trend Micro Incorporated has released Titanium Maximum Security 6.0. The company, in its official statement, shares that the software ensures maximum security, delivered with optimal performance and protection for online activities. It claims to provide users with a friendly interface, simple screens, and clear reports. It comes with features such as 5GB online storage, mobile device protection for tablets and smartphones, secure document vault, password management, and parental control,


Titanium is now available for all platforms - Android, iOS, and Windows 8. All existing and previous version users with a valid license period can upgrade for free from the official Trend Micro website to the 6.0 version. The Titanium 6.0 assists users in effective social networking protection.

Trend Micro releases Titanium Maximum Security 6.0

Titanium Maximum Security 6.0 available for Android, iOS and is Win8 compatible



The company statement shares that the new upgrade has made strong anti-virus protection easy. From the Titanium main console screen, users can easily run antivirus scans, get up-to-the-minute status reports on computer's security, and use short cuts to features like the Facebook Privacy Scanner. They can also view the status of protection, including details about the software, online help, and account information.


Titanium Maximum Security protects your data in five ways, i.e., 5GB Trend Micro SafeSync for secure online storage, Trend Micro DirectPass for password management, Trend Micro Vault to keep confidential files safe, Secure Erase File Shredder to make files permanently unreadable, and Data Theft Prevention to prevent hackers from stealing sensitive data.


“For those consumers on multiple devices that want to not only protect their important data, but want to strengthen their passwords, secure their photos and memories, and stay safe while on social networking sites - Titanium Maximum Security is a perfect all-in-one security solution. Trend Micro makes the increasing personal digital lifestyle easy and secure with prime focus on your devices, your privacy, your data and your family,” affirmed Rajat Sahu, Product Marketing Manager, India & SAARC, Trend Micro.


Elaborating further upon the new and enhanced features, Trend Micro adds: 

Online Storage (5 GB)

Titanium Maximum Security software includes 5GB of SafeSync online storage. Trend Micro SafeSync provides protection and allows sharing files, photos, videos and music. Users can access their digital life on any web-enabled device.


Trend Micro Vault

Trend Micro Vault keeps confidential files safe. No one can access them without users’ permission. If the computer is lost or stolen, one can remotely lock this vault to keep these files safe. After recovering a lost computer, one can unseal the Trend Micro Vault only after validating the identity.


Parental Controls

Trend Micro facilitates easy protection for kids 24/7 from inappropriate websites, control the apps they can access, limit their Internet time, and review detailed activity reports about what they do online with Titanium parental controls. Users can select from a range of settings recommended by online child safety experts for different age groups or quickly customize the parental settings yourself. Different settings can be created for each member of your family.


Data Theft Prevention

 Titanium can help prevent hackers and spyware from stealing credit card numbers, passwords, and other sensitive data.


Now, one can stop confidential data from going into web pages, email messages or instant messaging. Use the pre-defined categories or set new ones. Putting just part of a word or number into the Data Theft Prevention list can still protect the whole thing.


Web Threat Protection

Titanium pre-sets web threat protection to block malicious links and downloads in emails, instant messages, or websites. This recommended level of security protects from online phishing scams that try to steal credit card or other personal financial information. Users will be warned of unsafe web pages and blocked from accessing them.


Social Networking Protection

Titanium's social networking security automatically scans users’ Facebook wall or Twitter feed and shows safe links by highlighting them in green. Potentially malicious ones are highlighted in red. The colour-coding relies on Trend Micro's cloud-based Smart Protection Network™ infrastructure that continuously analyzes threat behavior. When Titanium identifies a bad link, it will even let user easily and quickly warn their friend. Titanium can protect the user online and help keep their friends safe too.


This feature also works on Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, MySpace, Mixi, and Sina Weibo.


Detailed Security Reports

Easy-to-read reports give the details on current computer threats. Users can see detailed logs with just one click.


Facebook Privacy Scanner

Titanium's new Facebook Privacy Scanner provides another layer of protection. With a single click, it lets the user easily monitor the Facebook page settings and control who can contact the user and access their personal information. Titanium will identify which settings may lead to privacy concerns. This feature lets the user control which apps can access their bios, control who can tag them, see their photos, and more.


Secure Erase

Use Secure Erase to shred unwanted files permanently. Deleting a file just removes the directory information, but not the actual data. The Secure Erase feature overwrites deleted files with random data, so that the contents can't be retrieved.


System Tuner

System Tuner improves PC performance by recovering disk space, cleaning the registry, removing application histories, and instant messaging logs. Users can optimize PC performance by easily setting a regular schedule to tune-up your operating system.


Personalize Your Titanium

Customize the Titanium software user interface with a favourite photograph or image. Simply upload a chosen picture to personalize your Titanium experience.


Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 6.0 version is a major upgrade for the customers, for Trend Micro and for the industry.  This comprehensive security suite has easy to use interface, easy to understand reports and no pestering pop-ups. It is compatible with the newest release of the Windows OS, Windows 8.


Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 6.0 version is available at the price range mentioned as follows: 


Titanium 2012 1Year 1 User is priced at Rs 1,599 (MRP), while the Titanium 2012 1Year 3 Users is priced at Rs 2,499 (MRP).  The Titanium 2012 family is available for purchase through retail partners’ countrywide.

Published Date: Nov 21, 2012 12:51 pm | Updated Date: Nov 21, 2012 12:51 pm