Trend Micro Mobile Security 8.0 launched

With the rise of mobile usage continuing throughout the APAC region, Trend Micro Incorporated, the global cloud security leader, today announced the launch of Trend Micro Mobile Security (TMMS) 8.0 to give customers the tools to enforce essential corporate security policies.


In an official statement, the company confirms that this is particularly relevant in the APAC region where mobile usage is a key part of daily life; in China, 38 percent of mobile users access the Internet via their mobile devices (Nielsen); Hong Kong mobile users even engage in online banking and trading activities (Synovate); 59 percent of mobile users in India use their mobile phones as a primary Internet source (The Next Web/BBH India).

Trend Micro

Trend Micro Mobile Security 8.0 launched



According to a report by Gartner, global mobile Internet usage is predicted to increase to 46 percent penetration by 2016, representing about a $2.5 billion market for mobile enterprise security. Mobile devices have become a part of everyday life, making mobile enterprise security not only a “nice to have," but now a “must have”, and this is a fact that companies cannot ignore. 


“BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) at work is a side effect of this growing mobile trend,” says Mr. Baburaj Varma, Head - Technical Services (India & SAARC), Trend Micro. “Gartner predicts that organizations who do not reinvest at least one third of their savings into mobile security will see a 25% increase in security incidents through 2015, which is why Trend Micro strongly encourages its customers to take necessary precautions on the mobile platform.”


TMMS 8.0, the company adds, is the winner of the 2012 NWA Best Endpoint and Mobile Device Security award and it enhances the enforcement of existing password and encryption policies as well as provides more granular remote wipe capabilities. The company adds that it introduces a mobile application management system that allows IT to automatically push corporate apps to iOS, BlackBerry and Android devices. TMMS 8.0 is available as a plug-in for the Trend Micro OfficeScan solution and easily integrates directly into a company’s existing IT management infrastructure, greatly reducing the cost and complexity of deploying a mobile security/management solution, the company adds.


  • Mobile Device Security helps businesses enforce data protection policies that keeps sensitive information on personal devices secure. TMMS 8.0 provides mobile devices with protection from the latest threats and malware and advanced functionalities, such as selective wipe and encryption tools and keeps sensitive corporate information secure.
  • Mobile Device Management helps businesses manage a diverse array of mobile devices from a single management console. Additionally, it also covers device enrollment and provisioning, as well as policy enforcement and inventory detail.
  • Mobile Application Management helps businesses control which apps may be installed on devices, as well as provides businesses with the ability to push key corporate apps to all devices.
  • Mobile Device Protection provides remote lock, remote wipe and password protection for devices that are lost or stolen.


”Research has shown that the mobile trend has just begun and will continue to rise,” said Mr. Baburaj Varma, Head - Technical Services (India & SAARC), Trend Micro. “As such Trend Micro is staying at the forefront of providing the most cutting edge mobile enterprise security software, assuring customers that TM will keep all aspects of your digital life safe.”


The company further explains that the features included in TMMS 8.0 are suitable for both personal and company-owned devices, allowing protection to be tailored for each type of user.


Trend Micro further adds that the pricing is per user, rather than per device, unlike much of the competition and comes with volume based discounts. It varies for new customer vs. existing upgrade, but a new customer can expect to pay around $31.50 (Rs.1,752 approximately) the 1st year for 500 users and $9.50 (Rs.528 approximately) for subsequent years, per user. TMMS 8.0 is available in English at launch, followed by French, German and Japanese languages later in the summer. TMMS 8.0 is available via Trend Micro's network of resellers.

Published Date: Aug 27, 2012 04:42 pm | Updated Date: Aug 27, 2012 04:42 pm