Transcend Launches New Range of Flash Drives

Today, Transcend Information, Inc. announced the launch of its new JetFlash 560 USB flash drive. The new JetFlash 560 is quite a snazzy looking flash drive with a retractable USB connector and has silver-tone metallic case embellished with a checkerboard pattern. Although this is not a new design, it is quite convenient as you will not have the hassle of looking for misplaced caps all over your floor. It also helps with protection against dust to a certain extent. Thanks to its use of ultrasonic welding technology, the JetFlash 560 USB flash drive is also apparently rugged enough to withstand a few bumps and falls. Of course, this doesn’t mean you go around playing cricket with it.

Looks good, but nothing new

Looks good, but nothing new



The new JetFlash 560, like all other Transcend products is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Users can also download and install the exclusive JetFlash Elite data management tools for better mobile productivity. With the aid of this software, users can easily turn the flash drive into a key to log on to website accounts, or temporarily lock a computer to prevent unauthorized access.

The JetFlash 560 USB flash drive is available in three different storage capacities, Here are the details:

  • 4GB - 700
  • 8GB - Rs. 1,120
  • 16GB - Rs.2,290

Published Date: Feb 23, 2011 04:44 pm | Updated Date: Feb 23, 2011 04:44 pm