Transcend launches Industrial-grade memory cards for compact devices

Transcend has launched its latest industrial memory solution, which it calls an advanced microSDHC card offering wide operating temperatures and also long-life stability. Built of superior-quality MLC NAND Flash chips, the new Transcend memory modules claim to be an ideal choice for compact non-stop applications that have to often face extreme operating environments. These new industrial microSD cards offer top-of-the-line Class 10 speed rating that ensures a minimum read/write speed of 10 MB/s and the highest level of stability. It can be picked in 4GB, 8GB and 16GB storage capacities.

Rugged and reliable

Rugged and reliable



These industry-grade memory cards are just 10 percent the size of standard SD cards with greater design flexibility and cost savings. Besides, these microSDHC cards come with temperature flexibility from -40°C to 85°C, shock and vibration resistance, and low power consumption. It exhibits these features, despite the small size to ensure performance and reliability advantages of industrial memory cards to even devices with small form factor. The compatibility and durability ensure that the memory solution is suitable to be equipped with handheld devices, like handheld barcode reader, set-top boxes, surveillance systems, portable vehicle navigation system, POS terminals, and more. 


These memory cards are being claimed to have been crafted to offer utmost durability, as they undergo extensive reliability testing in all stages of production. Manufactured using brand-name MLC NAND Flash chips, they come with built-in Error Correction Code (ECC) that monitors the data that gets transferred in and out of memory and corrects the glitches found. It has been designed to lower computational errors during complex tasks, but without compromising on the overall system reliability.



The memory solution promises to be apt for small form factor devices that require stable operation under harsh conditions, and feature wide operating temperature range and space-saving compact dimensions. The company had also released new Copy Protection SD and microSD Memory Cards by the end of last year. By recording data in a CD-ROM style partition, Copy Protection SD/microSD cards ensure the safety of valuable intellectual property against unauthorized copy, modification, and deletion.


The 4GB, 8GB and 16GB Transcend microSDHC cards are priced at approximately Rs. 270, Rs. 360 and Rs. 900 respectively.

Published Date: Mar 09, 2012 09:39 am | Updated Date: Mar 09, 2012 09:39 am