TouchPads on sale again; for webOS developers only

Hewlett-Packard's (HP), much-spoken about TouchPad tablet may have gone off retail shelves, but the tablets that were being offered for a discounted $149.99 have gone up for sale again, according to an official post on HP's TouchPad Device Purchase Program page. However, there's a catch here; this one's only for the developers of webOS, and not for all. Furthermore, according to the report, HP will be offering their TouchPads to the developers as a part of their Developer Device Program, and through the program they will be providing the developers' coupons. The coupon translates to buying as many as two 32GB TouchPads at the discounted price. 

Coming Soon..

Back! But, for developers only...



The post reads, "We would like to thank you for your interest in the TouchPad Developer Device Purchase Program. We currently have more requests for coupons than we have devices and will not be accepting any further requests." So if you're among those who are eligible for the coupons, then you know where to go!