Toshiba Launches New 1.8-inch Drives for Tablets

Tablets are clearly the future and Toshiba wants to ride the wave. Toshiba announced three 1.8-inch drives designed for tablets. These 1.8-inch drives of the MKxx39GS range run at 4200 rpm and will be available in 160 GB, 200 GB and 220 GB capacities, which is way more than the capacity you find on a tablet today.

The new MKxx39GS will be best suited for tablets

The new drives are based on a single platter and weigh 48 g. There have been some changes made including the LIF (Low insertion force) connector in place of the existing micro-SATA connectors. The buffer size has been increased to 16 MB. The drives are said to use only 0.35W of power during idle and 1.3W while reading and writing. the drives could also be used other devices such as media players, cameras and ultraslim notebooks. The new drives will be available starting February 2011.

Published Date: Jan 26, 2011 12:36 pm | Updated Date: Jan 26, 2011 12:36 pm