Top Music Mobiles Under Rs. 5000

For some mobile users one of the main criteria for purchasing a new handset is the multimedia capabilities that the phone brings to the table. More often that not it’s the audio player that ends up being one of the main reasons for a handset being popular, other than the budget of course. With that in mind, here are a few multimedia handset choices for those with a budget of Rs. 5000.

Micromax X360 - MRP - Rs. 4999, Approx. MOP - Rs. 3775
The X360 is Micromax’s music phone that’s tied up with MTV for content. It’s a chic looking well constructed handset that’s also comfortable to use. Micromax has also included a 2GB microSD card with the handset that’s loaded with plenty of popular music, MTV reality show videos and wallpapers of popular VJs. The main feature is of course the Wolfson and Yamaha sound engine that the X360 is equipped with. This seriously enhances the over all audio output. It even has an 8 band graphic EQ for a further customization. The bundled handsfree is also quite comfortable to use. If you’re looking for a handset purely for calls, messages and kick-ass audio, the X360 is a really good choice.

The Good: Well designed
Excellent audio player
FM radio has good reception
Bundled 2GB card comes with plenty of MTV content
The Bad: Lacks Social Networking features,
No Email support,
Video playback didn’t work out too well
The Rating: 3.5/5

Intex IN 4495 - MRP - Rs. 4500, Approx. MOP - Rs. 3895
Intex’s extremely funky IN 4495 manages to easily incorporate a touchscreen display into an otherwise standard candy bar form. Like the X360, the IN 4495 also comes with both EQ presets and a customizable graphic EQ which make a significant difference to the overall audio output. The well placed 3.5mm handsfree port means you can opt to use your own earphones if they happen to be better than the ones bundled with the package. Like Samsung’s TouchWiz UI, the IN 4495 also has a drag and drop widget system for the desktop.

The Good: Well designed
UI is quite smooth and user friendly
Really good sound quality
FM reception was good
Good battery life
The Bad: FM radio had issues with earphones
Camera quality is bad
The Rating: 4/5
Samsung Marine B2100 - MRP - Rs. 4850, Approx. MOP - Rs. 4000
The B2100 is a seriously rugged handset that’s capable of withstanding the weight of a bike running over it, multiple times. It’s water resistant to quite an extent and also comes with an LED torch. It’s great for those that love the great outdoors. It’s also designed to provide users with quite a bit in terms of audio quality with an audio player that’s both loud and extremely clear. It also comes with a 3.5mm handsfree port so you’re free to use your own set of earphones. The Marine is also equipped with EDGE support for surfing and downloading email.

The Good: Well designed
Great music player
The Bad: Camera quality is not too great
The Rating: 4.5/5

LG GM 200 - MRP - 6750, Approx. MOP - Rs. 4599
LG has incorporated their Dolby Mobile sound engine into the GM200 which makes the audio of this device far superior to the others on this list. The sound quality is impeccable. Although the bundled handsfree is comfortable it doesn’t do the handset's audio justice as the quality far exceeds the handsfree capability to support it. Thankfully the GM200 comes with a 3.5mm handsfree port so it’s best to go with a better quality set to maximize the overall potential. With EDGE support you can download your emails as well and the battery is capable of providing you with plenty of audio entertainment.

The Good: Great Audio
Smart profile is very helpful
Great battery life
Loud Speakerphone
FM reception is good
The Bad: UI is a bit sluggish
Camera is not too good
The Rating: 4.5/5

These handsets will allow you to carry around enough music to keep you entertained while on the go. They also negate the reason to further invest in a secondary device like an MP3 player. Having a singular device for music, basic net connectivity and of course all the other functions that one would expect from a mobile handset is so much better than carrying around multiple options.

Published Date: Mar 04, 2010 02:18 pm | Updated Date: Mar 04, 2010 02:18 pm