Top Gadgets for your Business Trip

Business trips are a part and parcel of every corporate worker’s day-to-day life. The fact that you have to travel around to make those important-than-life deals, presenting your company’s turnover, etc. makes it very cumbersome if you haven’t planned out your essentials. In short, you need technology to help you with all your business work.

Here's a list of some gadgets to help you with your business trips and although there are some more we would love to get input from you so that we come up with a part two for this article!


Yes it is quite obvious and it "has" to be the top gadget you need nowadays to help you with your presentations, documents, information etc. What is important though, that the laptop you look for is a Business Laptop and not anything else, say something like a Multimedia Laptop can have superb looks and offer you many fun things, but isn’t it more important to have a power-efficient laptop with a good processor than a gaming laptop with a high-end graphics card?


How do you make a presentation better? Simply by using a presenter, really. For first-timers, a presenter is a little gadget , that has a laser beam, that points to a specific area-of-interest in your presentation, like some part of a diagram or a chart. Not only does it build a good image in front of your bosses, it shows how tech-savvy you are and with some of the recent products you can also navigate through your slides by the press of a button!

Portable Printer

You want to distribute some print-outs and to your disappointment there is no printer available or even if there is one, it either doesn’t have a color cartridge or maybe not even a black-and-white one! To be safe, it’s good to carry your own portable printer if you work involves print-outs or hand outs.

Internet-enabled Smartphone

The best gadget for people on the move who would prefer getting their mails on the mobile. While many may cite unanimously “the iPhone”, let’s be sure that the iPhone is definitely not the one and only Business Smartphone ; in fact, many prefer Blackberry phones for business purposes. But there is no particular brand mentioned here. Just the fact that, a phone with push mail services, Internet-enabled with navigation maps if you are traveling to new places is a must-have for anyone on a Business trip.

External Hard Drive

There is a lot more to external hard drives than we can really imagine. Not only can you use it for mass storage, but also for booting your laptop in case there is something wrong with your hard disk, create back-ups, store files that you get from other companies and lastly some music or movies to help you soothe your nerves.

These are just a few important gadgets that you should be having in your business trip and yes you can add more to this list, but depending on your response we can come up with a second round! Till then, keep reading.

Published Date: Aug 12, 2010 10:00 am | Updated Date: Aug 12, 2010 10:00 am