Top 5 running games for your smart devices

The latest craze in the mobile gaming arena is the "runner" style of action-packed games with swipe/gyro enabled controls. These games require quick reflexes and even a certain amount of finger dexterity and control, especially if you’re playing them on a tablet. The runner style is also quite addictive because of its simplicity in gameplay and intense level upgrades the further you get into the game. It can get quite vigorous when it gets into high gear and that’s what makes them even more entertaining. 


Here’s our list of five of the best runners available for your smart device:

Temple Run Series

Temple Run 1 - Free - for Android and for iOS
Temple Run 2 - Free - For Android
and for iOS

Temple Run Brave – Rs 53.44 for Android and for iOS ($0.99)

Temple Run OZ – Rs 53.18 Android and for iOS ($0.99)

The legacy of Temple Run

The legacy of Temple Run


Temple Run has been a phenomenon for a long time and one could even say that this was the game that got things off to a "running" start for the genre. Following intrepid explorers and Disney characters, the idea of the game is simply to run, collect coins and power-ups and get as far as you can without nasty beasties catching up with you or you falling off a cliff, getting drowned in the swamp or running into trees and such. Each game brings a little more colour and excitement into the mix and there are always a few extra tasks to perform while running. With each new iteration, the layout gets more visually appealing and gameplay gets more challenging. 


Agent Dash – Free - for Android and for iOS

Dash to your next assignment

Dash to your next assignment


Play the rather large spy whose mission is to save the Queen and the country. Run through the treacherous jungle collecting gems as you make the twists and turns and dodge obstacles in your path to reach the lair of the evil doers. Destroy each base and move on to the next objective. The gameplay is pretty much the same as Temple run but the animation is far less sophisticated, and that’s not a bad thing. For those cartoon lovers out there, Agent Dash and his crew along with the various environments will be sure to have you quite entertained for many hours – jumping, sliding and dodging through some treacherous landscapes to complete your capers. 


Streaker Run – Free - for Android

In the buff and off the cuff

In the buff and off the cuff




To satisfy your slightly perverted side, perhaps running around in your birthday suit away from your angry neighbour is just what you need. After doing the nasty with his wife, you’ve got to get away from her obviously furious husband by traipsing through the neighbourhood dodging deliver trucks, jumping fences and kids' toys in the way, and even slipping and sliding along roof tops all in the buff. It’s not easy, but that’s the price you pay for indiscretions. The layout and environment settings are colourful and again, very cartoon like; giving you the impression you’re participating in a live action cartoon strip. It’s quite a bit of fun, but let’s just say you ought to be over 21 to play this game.


Vector – Free - for Android and for iOS

Opam Parkour style

Oppa Parkour style


A truly inspired game set in the future with a very George Orwell 1984 style combined with a Mirrors Edge sort of feel. With Parkour-styled running, this side scroller running game is quite addictive. You are an escapee form a mind-controlled game where you’ve decided that being a drone is not for you. Hot on your tail are armed guards chasing across city skylines with some sort of stun guns. Depending on the processing power (and you won’t need much) of your devices, the motions can be extremely fluid and although just silhouetted in nature, the animation is quite superb. It’s fast-paced and easy to play.  


Team Awesome – Free - for Android and for iOS

Android Paid – Rs 56.66

Just be awesome!

Just be awesome!


Team Awesome is an "awesome" 3D game for hand-held devices. It incorporates both sides scrolling action with 3D graphics to give you a well laid out environment and exciting gameplay. With jet pack propulsion, you can collect floating coins, power-ups and crystals while stopping bank robbers, putting out fires and engaging in hardcore boss fights. You can even help commuters catch buses or help little old ladies get back home. It’s all in a day's work if you are that awesome! Gameplay is quite simple and easy to manage. The cartoon style animations also make the game that much more interesting to play. 


All of these games are easily accessible from the Google Play store app on your Android device or the Apple App Store option from your Apple device. Most of these games are available for both smartphone and tablet devices.


If you have more options that you think are worth noting, please feel free to list them via our comments section.

Published Date: Mar 19, 2013 12:14 pm | Updated Date: Mar 19, 2013 12:14 pm