Top 3 Super Luxury Speakers

It’s Luxury week! Thus I decided to write this from a spa with essential oils being poured ever so slowly all around me, coupled with those elegantly poised scented candles. The setting is perfect to talk about the category we are covering today, and that is high end luxury speakers. A audiophile, boutique speaker set can be one of the most exquisitely designed and also the most meticulously engineered piece of art. Creativity flows freely everywhere-right from the placement and shape of the drivers, to the beautifully carved geometric elements of the cabinet, to the lustrous wood finish that attires the speake in its entirety. All these adjective laden attributes come at a high price, but all things related to luxury do anyways. Here is a list of some of the most elite speaker models, by obscure brands that only specialize with vigorous passion, in building these piece by piece.

Mordaunt Short-Mezzo 6

One of the most reputed brands in the high end market, these guys are sure known to sport premium pricing, but not without delivering value for all that money spent. the Mezzo 6 is a serious piece of technology, understandably for people who can appreciate the nuances built in. Some of the highlights