Top 10 Android travel apps

Whether a well-planned traveler or one often traveling on an impulse, if you happen to be the owner of a droid, then apps are sure to come to your rescue, no matter what. The Android market has its travel app category fully-loaded, and we’ve managed to pick out the Top 10 Android travel apps, which could come handy. If you have newly hand-picked your Android smartphone, which is the latest trend in the Indian market, then you can dig here for the travel app that would suit you the best. 


Foursquare - Free
For many, Foursquare’s popularity is restricted to a social app that keeps everyone updated about the cool place they are visiting and with whom. However, this app can be quite handy for when plan your next trip. It provides details about the city and of course you can keep your social circuit updated about your whereabouts. The app gets brownie points as it allows you to discover places and also take advantage of the discounts.

More than just notifying your hangout joint

More than just notifying your hangout joint


TripAdvisor - Free
TripAdvisor is a great way to check out for newer holiday locations, resorts and hotels. It has millions of reviews of places to guide you to pick the one that suits your taste and budget the best. The Near me now option enables finding places around your location and this app is absolutely free and simple to use. Along with reading about places, the app has a slew of pictures of the location.


Google Goggles -  Free
This is a great app, which is both fun and informative. Goggles uses image recognition to recognize places. It identifies the place, store or artwork and gives you all the relevant information. Users can even scan barcodes and QR codes using Goggles, translate text, scan text using OCR and it also recognizes 2D images. The app even adds in the Sudoku game, in case you are an ardent fan of number crunching.

Makes travel fun

Makes travel fun


TripIT - Free, INR214.97
This is a popular travel app and places the planning and all related elements of one's trip in one place. Moreover, the app takes care of all the reservations, tickets, once you forward your reservation e-mail to It syncs your plans with others through several Google services and tools. TripIT’s master itinerary has all the tools you’d require including maps, directions and weather details.

WorldMate - Free
Those who want to give TripIT a break, can use this app. It manages your itinerary in a similar fashion. However, WorldMate key feature is its ability to allow users to send in all their travel mails on, and the app arranges and manages the itinerary accordingly. Now, that seems quite convenient. The app pulls out Google Maps, and one can also make bookings with the app.

GTasks - Free, INR277.45
The Gtasks app will ensure your travel checklist is efficiently built. Moreover, it also allows sharing and syncing one's account with those of others. You can easily set reminders and search for tasks. It supports both local mode and Google account mode. It has it all, rich gtask (google task) client, simple to-do list, checklist, note/notes pad tool.

For all your queries

For all your queries


Trip Journal - Free, INR207.07
This works as a handy journal to share the experiences of your mesmerizing trip with others. It lets users track, record, document and share these travel tidbits with their social circuit. The app is available in freemium and premium versions. In your travelogue, you can record your trip with GPS route tracking and Google Earth further keeps your dear ones updated of the route you’ve chosen and the places you found thrilling. It is like creating a treasure of fond travel memories.
WikiTude - Free
This is one hell of a modern, informative piece of tech. It works in tandem with your camera and GPS, and dishes out information of the place you desire to know more about during your travel. This is an augmented reality app with a location-based approach. The app serves as a tourist guide, and shows all user-generated content in your camera’s view. The Create Place tool allows users to mark a particular location. Also, everything you do can be shared on social networks too.

Information hub while travelling

Information hub while traveling


WeatherPro - Free, INR232
The weather can be unpredictable and those who travel frequently will find this app quite handy, for it offers weather reports of about two million locations across the globe. The user interface is simple with clear display of data. It shows the temperature in Celcius and Fahrenheit, wind direction and speed, air pressure, precipitation amount and relative humidity. It offers you much more than the standard version of the app. You can opt for the Weather Pro HD version, which come with a price tag.



XE Currency - Free
This is something you may find handy, if you frequently travel across the globe. The XE Currency site oozes simplicity, and the app maintains it further. It provides an easy calculator and also shows charts, and can store the last updated rates. Also, you can use the app offline to covert currency as well as view last stored rates. The app promises to show minute-by update of the latest currency rates.


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