Tomb Raider's new DLC pack now available for download

Fans of the action-adventure game Tomb Raider would be in for more as Crystal Dynamics, the developer, has started rolling out updates for the game. Available in three single and multiplayer packs, the updates can be downloaded from the game’s official website. 


According to its official Tumblr page, the new downloads include the Online Survival Pack, Adventure Pack and  an add-on mission "The Tomb of the Lost Adventurer". The new updates also come with new skill levels, weapons and outfits.


The Online Survival Pack, available for $6.99 (Rs 400 approx.) and 560 Microsoft Points, includes six weapons from action-adventure stealth game Hitman: Absolution and four playable characters to Tomb Raider's multiplayer arsenal. The characters include the Scavenger Scout, Scavenger Executioner, Scavenger Bandit and Fisherman. Weapons like the Silver baller, Agency SPS 12, HX AP-15, JAGD P22G, M590 12ga and STG 58 Eline, which were a hit with Hitman, are also included in this pack.


The action-adventure game will now feature new maps, skills, weapons and much more 



The Tomb Raider Adventure Pack, which is also priced at $6.99 and comes with 560 Microsoft points, features upgrades for Lara Croft, the main character of the game. These include three costumes for Lara, viz. the Hunter, Aviatrix and Guerilla skins; two weapons, viz. the Pistol Burst and Pistol Silencer and skills like the Animal Instinct, Agility and Headshot Reticle.


The third addition to the game features new multiplayer maps that come with eight new locations to dominate, ranging from a subterranean network of caves to sacred mountain-top shrines. Priced at $9.99 (Rs 570 approx), the following maps are for the PC version of Tomb Raider.


"The Tomb of the Lost Adventurer" add-on mission, previously available only in Europe, is now available in North America for all versions of Tomb Raider. The mission sends Lara to the final resting place of another explorer, where she must solve puzzles surrounding a crashed plane.

Published Date: Jun 06, 2013 18:18 PM | Updated Date: Jun 06, 2013 18:18 PM