Tokyo court says Samsung didn't infringe Apple patents

Samsung Electronics has not infringed on Apple's patent, as per the latest ruling by the Tokyo District Court. In its decision, the court affirmed that the technology Samsung's smartphones and tablets use to synchronise with computers does not infringe on a patent held by Apple. This case is separate from the ongoing US lawsuit between the two technology giants. 


This news brings some respite to the South Korean giant after its recent discouraging defeat. An end of sorts to a longstanding patent battle between two technology heavyweights Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics came with Apple's victory, as a California jury rejected all of Samsung's claims. Samsung was directed to cough up compensation to the tune of a staggering $1.05 billion. The jury, in its decision, said that Samsung infringed on Apple's technologies used in the iPhone and iPad. Samsung has appealed the decision. 

The ongoing battle between Samsung and Apple ...

Tokyo court finds Samsung not guilty of patent infringement



Subsequent reports indicate that Apple has filed an appeal to have as many as eight of Samsung's leading devices banned in the US. 


Over the past two days, rumours emerged about Samsung paying Apple damages worth $1.5 billion in 5 cent coins. The news of Samsung paying the damages in nickels spread widely via the website MobileEntertainment, though it had originated on a Mexico-based parody website El Deforma, and then made it to 9gag as a cartoon. Hilarious as it might have been, and though Samsung fans might have hoped it was true, it isn't. MobileEntertainment later updated its story revealing that it was a fake. Though the verdict has been reached, the fine that has been awarded to Apple is not yet payable. Besides that, Samsung will almost certainly appeal the verdict, which will delay the actual process of payment indefinitely.


Apple and Samsung were friends once, and share a complex relationship as Samsung is a key components supplier to Apple. The chief executives of the two companies also met recently in what essentially had been a court-directed mediation that happened before Apple's big win. The mediation was perceived at that time as an attempt to help the companies iron out their differences, and was overseen by US Magistrate Judge Joseph Spero. 


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Published Date: Aug 31, 2012 03:34 pm | Updated Date: Aug 31, 2012 03:34 pm