Titbit app for iPad brings digital menus to the fore

Titbit, a new app for the iPad, by the looks of it, at least seems to be all set to replace the good ol' paper menu used in restaurants. Titbit Inc., a division of Valuable Group, confirms the launch of their latest app, named Titbit in an official statement. The app, as clear by the introduction above, is being furthered as a replacement to a menu. Titbit Inc., the developers of this app are looking at the day when restaurants hand over iPads to their customers, instead of a menu providing them with a platform to pick their order, place it, pay for it, among others. The iPad will have a special menu application, which Titbit would have made specially for that restaurant. Check out the video to see Titbit in action - 


A glimpse of what digital menus look like

A glimpse of what Titbit digital menus look like




The digital menu platform, which Titbit provides will take care of one's dining experience. Further according to the official statement, it is being learnt that if a particular restaurant decides on enabling the Titbit app for their customers, in place of their regular menus, then Titbit will invest into the entire costs of implementation, hardware, software and maintenance of the titbit system at the restaurant. 


Also, with the benefit of being digital, the menu app, adds Titbit also allows users to 'like' the dishes they thoroughly enjoyed and also share those on Facebook as their statuses. 

Published Date: Nov 21, 2011 06:05 pm | Updated Date: Nov 21, 2011 06:05 pm