Tiny Wings, the Game that's Currently Pwning Angry Birds

The world seems to love its feathered mobile games and we at Tech2 aren't pretending to not be a shrine to Angry Birds. So when another birdy app, Tiny Wings came along and knocked Angry Birds off of its sustained top spot in the App Store, we obviously had to see what the fuss was all about.

THIS took number one from Angry Birds

THIS took number one from Angry Birds



First of all, Angry Birds has been knocked off its top spot. If you've managed to get yourself together, get this, it's been knocked off by a game called Tiny Wings. Tiny Wings is a 99 cent (approx Rs. 45) game, developed by Andreas Illiger and is somewhat a runner game where you have a little bird who basically is running away from the night. The bird flutters its wings to gain height over mountains and you touch the screen to make it stop fluttering its wings when it goes downhill. The longer the bird goes downhill, the more momentum it gains when its flying and therefore it covers more distance. You're supposed to make the bird hop from island to island and sometimes solve challenges for its nest but the gameplay has been such nonsense that we haven't even gotten past the second island. 


Seriously, why is this game of all games the one to defeat Angry Birds? It's clearly designed to appeal mostly to women (unlike Angry Birds which is pretty neutral) and the objective of the game is, pardon my rudeness, kinda dumb. It seems like it's another Cut the Rope phenomenon where the game gets brief popularity because it seems cute and fun but then people get sick of it so it stays on the top 25 charts but lower down. Here's to hoping both Angry Birds Rio and the St. Patrick's Day Seasons Update knocks Tiny Wings back below the top ten where it belongs.

Published Date: Mar 03, 2011 12:09 pm | Updated Date: Mar 03, 2011 12:09 pm