Time Travel a Myth: Report

Those of you who marveled at science fiction movies and romanticized the very idea of seeing the future, may have to stay content with just that. If the research findings of a team of researchers from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology are anything to go by, then all talks on time traveling can be safely passed on as myth.

Race against time?

Race against time? (Image source: wallpapertimes.com)


According to the report that appeared in the team’s scientific journal, Physical Review Letters, the findings of Einstein, the world renowned physicist were upheld, stated a report on Discovery News. Einstein, till the end of his time believed that nothing could possibly travel faster than light. Now, building up on the same theory and having a study to back the same, the researchers managed to prove that right down to a single photon, this theory was true. The decade long research, which arose out of the discovery of the superluminal motion, faster than light theory, has now been brought to an end.

Published Date: Jul 25, 2011 06:22 pm | Updated Date: Jul 25, 2011 06:22 pm