Tim Cook claims that the Mac Mini isn't dead; to be an important part of the Apple product line going forward

Tim Cook has stated that the Apple Mac Mini isn't dead, even though it has now been exactly 1000 days since the last hardware refresh was announced for this device. Apple CEO issued the statement in a response to an Apple customer who emailed him to inquire if Apple was planning to provide an update for the Mac Mini.

Mac Mini. Apple

Mac Mini. Apple

According to a report by MacRumors, Cook claimed that Mac Mini would be an important part of the Apple product line going forward. However, since the last hardware refresh for the time Mac Mini, Apple has launched the Apple Watch, the Retina MacBook Pro, Apple Airpods and Apple TV in 4K.

The Mac Mini packs 4th generation Intel processors alongside 4 GB of RAM and Intel HD 5000 integrated graphics. To put this in perspective, Intel announced 8th generation processors about a month back and the Mac Mini runs on more than 3 years according to ArsTechnica. It is still priced at a whopping Rs 51,000 in the Indian market on Amazon.

As mentioned by ArsTechnica, it is likely that the company was planning to develop the Mac Mini as a theatre PC because of the presence of the HDMI port. But the introduction of Apple TV 4K has rendered the Mac Mini useless in that department. It's difficult to guess how Apple is planning to go about the upgrade for the Mac Mini, but if we are to believe Tim Cook then we shall find out soon.

Published Date: Oct 20, 2017 22:59 PM | Updated Date: Oct 20, 2017 22:59 PM