Three reasons why Bill Gates is coming to India

Philanthropist and billionaire Bill Gates yesterday announced another visit to India, and he has three reasons this time. Adding to his considerable body of work for the underprivileged, as well as the development of the poor, his visits to the country in the past has resulted in quite a lot of help for those who struggle to make a better life for themselves.

In his post, the Microsoft head honcho has said that he wishes to spend time with the poor and increase his base understanding of their day-to-day problems related to medical and health from Ground Zero. The added knowledge that he will gain will help him create and launch the right kind of initiatives revolving around topics like the invention of new drugs and vaccines among the medical institutions that he is in touch with in the US.


According to Gates, US has the technical capacity that is needed to deliver innovative products and solutions that can combat deadly diseases, but because the knowledge base accessible to medical institutions in the country is not up to the mark, the innovations don’t come to Indian shores regularly. Gates wishes to address that problem.

Humble Bill Gates is humble

Bill Gates announces another visit to India...



Gates is also clear about the opportunities he sees from India and which he plans to capitalise on. While talking about this, Gates said, “India is in an interesting position: It has both a deep understanding of the challenges and great capacity to help solve them. India’s cities are flush with highly educated people working in well-funded labs, as well as extremely poor communities like the slum in Uttar Pradesh that I visited last year. That makes the country an ideal place to understand both the problems and the solutions. This is one reason why I try to visit at least once a year, and why I’ll be spending a few days there later this month”


While talking about the top three things on his to-do list, Gates clearly states that the first thing he wants to do is meet Aamir Khan and have a sit down with him about child nutrition issues. After hearing about the work that Khan has done with the TV show “Satyamev Jayate (Truth Alone Prevails)”, which highlights various sensitive social issues of India, Gates seems keen on extending that thought. Added to that, the philanthropist wants to have a meeting with several government leaders as well as people involved in efforts from UNICEF, the National Polio Surveillance Project as well as the Rotary International about Polio. Gates also wishes to draw light on India’s achievement of zero polio cases for the last two years.


But that is only two-thirds of what Gates wants to achieve. According to his post, he also wants to understand how Indian-made vaccines can help other countries too. While talking about this, he spoke about the recent development of a new vaccine for rotavirus which the government has fostered partnerships to develop. Gates believes that if this product is licensed, it will help not only thousands of Indian citizens, but also save lives outside the country.

Published Date: May 31, 2013 01:42 pm | Updated Date: May 31, 2013 01:42 pm