The Walking Dead wins game of the year award at Spike VGAs

The Spike Video Game Awards took place over the weekend, and in a move that surprised nobody, the Game of the Year award went to Telltale's episodic zombie-based epic—The Walking Dead. This came as no surprise as The Walking Dead is praised by critics for its deep story and meaningful choices.

"Look, `Walking Dead' fans, this is obviously for you," beamed Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman. "Thank you so much. You guys watch the TV show. You read the comics. You play the video games. You make all this possible."

Other awards won by the game include the best downloadable game and the best adapted game, best performance by a human female as Clementin for voice actor Melissa Hutchison and studio of the year for Telltale Games.

A screenshot of Episode 3 of The Walking Dead

Game of the year!


Telltale's The Walking Dead concluded in November with the final episode, No Time Left. Back in October, it was revealed that the Walking Dead series is set to be released as a boxed copy for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360.

In October, Telltale released Episode 4 of the series, which was the penultimate episode. In this installment, in the wake of terrible loss, the group arrives in Savannah in search of a boat and escape from the horrors around them. Stalked by an unseen human threat and the constant menace of the undead, Lee must decide how to deal with an increasingly paranoid group, and above all, how to protect Clementine. The trailer gives some hints of the story, such as some mysterious “mad man” on the radio and a character, presumably a girl, dressed in red beating up the main character. Along with the trailer, Telltale has also released some screenshots for The Walking Dead: Episode 4 – Around Every Corner.

Players who have read the graphic novel or seen the TV show will meet familiar characters such as Glenn in the game. There are also new characters that can live or die depending on the choices the player makes in each episode.

The main story of the Walking Dead universe is that zombies have overrun most of America and a rag tag bunch of survivors must do whatever it takes to survive. The comics tread a very dark path by highlighting some truly unspeakable acts performed by the humans, as opposed to the zombies. Though the game’s tone isn’t quite that dark, there are still glimpses of it in the first episode.

Back in October, it was revealed that The Walking Dead will be released as in the form of a boxed version, along with a collector's edition. The boxed copy for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 cost $29.99 (approximately Rs 1,603).