The Walking Dead to get the '400 Days' DLC in July

Telltale games has announced a DLC for its point-and-click zombie-based epic—The Walking Dead. The DLC, titled 400 Days, acts as a new episode for season one of The Walking Dead game. This is what Telltale has been teasing this month with its “Day” teasers on Vine.

All of the characters that have been teased by Telltale will have their stories resolved in the one episode of the DLC itself. The company has also released a trailer for the DLC. Check it out:



The DLC will have the stories of five characters play out. Its story starts out right at the beginning, on day zero of the zombie apocalypse. It is set to cost $5 (approximately Rs 289) on all platforms. The protagonist of the new DLC episode will be a prison-bound convict named Vince.

Much like the rest of season one, all of the choices you will make in 400 Days will matter in the larger scheme of things. These choices will be carried forward to Season 2 of The Walking Dead and the story will take shape accordingly.

Visually as well as gameplay-wise, 400 Days won’t be bringing anything new to the table. Since it is based on the same engine as the rest of season one, the graphics as well as the unique take on point-and-click gameplay will remain the same.

The DLC will be making its way to all platforms in July. Along with this, the PlayStation Vita is getting a port of The Walking Dead along with the DLC bundled in.

Published Date: Jun 12, 2013 05:30 pm | Updated Date: Jun 12, 2013 05:30 pm