The Right Way to Pronounce "ASUS"

There is a good possibility that you might have pronounced this eternally mysterious word right and an even better one that you haven’t. Friends have split, the Tech2 office has been destroyed, families have broken, countries have waged wars and even Rajnikant was left guessing on this one! Really, how exactly does one pronounce ASUS?

A-sis, A-sooze, AA-soos, aa.. choo! (sorry, I’ve got a bad cold) - all of them are wrong. We’ve heard from Engadget that ASUS’ chief, Jerry Shen wanted to help everyone out of the confusion and thought of showing us the right way to pronounce the name. Previously it was “Ah-seuss” and now it's “A-seuss”... bah, forget it. Why don’t you check out the video below to see the pretty lady teach you the pronunciation?

So, how did you pronounce ASUS?

Published Date: Dec 18, 2010 04:23 pm | Updated Date: Dec 18, 2010 04:23 pm