The PlayStation Phone will be called XPERIA Play

We’ve been following the PlayStation Phone’s story for quite a while now, from sneak peeks to probable names to many others. Now, according to GSMArena, the XPERIA Play will not be announced next month at the CES but will rather be outed at the MWC 2011 in February.

Don't call me a PlayStation Phone... Ever!

Unfortunately, there is no news on the official specs of the device but we can still wait for that. After all, it’s not really a gaming device but more of a phone that plays games. The video in which PSP was flexing its muscles shows that the XPERIA Play’s processor can handle quite a bit of gaming. There are no videos on any other features for now but looking at what's going on, it won't be too long till some more information trickles through.

For now we can only wait and see what other features the XPERIA Play will boast of. We’ll keep you updated as and when we get confirmed news on the specs of this phone.