The OS report card by Nielsen, out now!

The Nielsen survey is out and if the figures are to be believed, Apple, Google, and Research in motion (RIM) are battling it out to win the top spot in the US smart phone market.

A snapshot of the OS war!

A snapshot of the OS war!


The report further revealed that Android tops the consumer market list by claiming a share of 29%, whereas both RIM Blackberry and Apple iOS are sweating it out on 27%, respectively. Despite lagging behind in the consumer market sphere, both RIM and Apple have emerged winners compared to other device makers as they are the only ones creating and selling smart phones with their respective operating systems.

Operating System tussle

According to the Nielsen survey, HTC occupied 12% of smart phone owners who had HTC Android device and 7% owning an HTC device running Windows. Only 10% of consumer smart phone owners had a Motorola Android device and one per cent owned a Motorola device running Windows.

Nokia worked out a tie-up with Microsoft. This happened after Nokia’s very own Symbian failed to stand up to the competition Android and iPhone OS gave. Nokia may get a breather post this tie-up and even secure its position in the global smart phone market. 

Published Date: Mar 04, 2011 06:07 pm | Updated Date: Mar 04, 2011 06:07 pm