The Near Future of Free Knowledge in India: Interview With Jimmy Wales

This weekend was a goldmine for soft-tech events. We had TEDx Gateway on Saturday followed by a session with Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia on Sunday evening. Wikipedia is setting up shop in India (in addition to the Wikipedia Foundation that already exists here) and Wales talked about his hopes for Wikipedia especially on the number of articles in Indian languages.

This was the third Wikipedia meet held in Mumbai and was aimed primarily at Wikipedia editors who work with articles in English. Wales started out by showing some trends on Wikipedia usage and editing. He said that 87% of Wikipedia editors are male. This could be for a variety of complicated cultural reaons but also a technical reason. Editing a Wikipedia page is way harder than it should be and it's mostly computer science geeks, aka, males, who can figure it out. The average age of the Wikipedia editor is 26. 402 million people read wikipedia every month and there are 250

Published Date: Nov 01, 2010 02:23 pm | Updated Date: Nov 01, 2010 02:23 pm