The Mumbai Leg of PlayStation iMovement Event Ends, On to The Next City

Culminating in an all out brawl amongst 15 competitors from a list of 20 companies in Mumbai, ICICI Bank and PlayStation’s iMovement event reached a grand finale here in Mumbai. The event kicked off in the early evening at Phoenix Mills, Lower Parel, Mumbai and after a bit of a technical snag was fixed, the event was under way.

The Booth was set up for contestants and anyone else who wanted to experience the PS Move

Winners from the various corporates were invited to play for the big prize – a PlayStation 3 and Move Kit with a copy of Sports Champions thrown in. The game du jour was Sports Champion’s Table Tennis. Ardent shoppers also stopped by the experience section to take a whack at the PlayStation Move and try out some of the other games that were available.

We had quite a turn out and spoke with a few of the contestants and others who stopped by the booth to figure out just how well the PS Move performed. Although we already know (read the review linked above) that the Move has quite a lot of potential, the response we got to the experience was quite decent. There were a few who had their reservations of course. You can’t win ‘em all.

The Move in action

We spoke with one of our gaming experts, Sameer Desai, who incidentally also happened to be the winner of the competition beating out 14 other contestants in single handed controller battle, who gave us his views on the Move. To get a better idea of how things went down at the event take a look at the video below.

Now it's on to the next two Cities Delhi and Bangalore, are you ready guys? The Move is coming...