The Cloud On Your Smartphone

As far as portable computing goes, smartphones or multimedia phones with similar features are certainly addictive, and, it’s difficult to imagine a day without the Apple iPhone or the Blackberry or whichever equivalent you might be using. These phones not only look good but they are also highly functional, providing 24x7 access to all your music, images, videos, emails, and social networking. But, what many of us might not realize is that these gizmos are capable of lot more than just that!

This is our second post in the series of Cloud Computing week on Tech2 , and yes, we’re talking about mobile computing, which is fueling Internet penetration in our country like nobody’s business. Picture this, you are away on a vacation and you need to email a document to a client or a vacation picture to your friends. What’s the first thing that comes to mind? (nah, cyber cafes are pass