The AV MAX Expo 2013 line-up

The AV MAX Expo 2013 is not only about products, demo rooms and listening sessions, but it will also witness a plethora of revolutionary and unique technologies that will truly keep you excited for days to come. Here is a list of path-breaking innovations and technologies that is being showcased at the AV MAX Expo 2013. So be there...


In-wall speakers

In-wall and on-wall speakers are a boon to the loudspeaker technology that has taken the home-theatre experience to an entirely different level. The trick here is to retain the tonal quality similar that of full fledged speakers and also reduce the form factor of the speakers to such an extent that they are almost invisible. You can see this amazing feature in the Definitive Technology’s IW Series speakers.

In Wall Speakers

In wall speakers



4K video

4K is the next biggest thing in video technology and we are super excited about it. It will increase the resolution of displays by whopping four-folds. Sony will be displaying its much talked about 4K projectors during the AV MAX Expo 2013. 


3D video

We have seen 3D video evolve for the last couple of years. Now, we are witnessing a radical change in quality of 3D products that are available in the market. Epson and BenQ will showcase their latest and the best 3D projectors.  

3D Projection

3D projection



Time coherence 

Time coherence is a crucial characteristic of any loudspeaker; however, strangely, it is dependant on the position of the listener. Very often it also happens that a speaker with a perfectly coherent sound is not able to give the best experience because the listener’s position is not right. Ascendo from Germany has devised a great method to adjust the position of the drivers (tweeters) according to the listener’s position. You can see the same in the Ascendo C8 Speakers at the AV MAX Expo 2013.   


Virtual surround 

So often it happens that you are all willing to enjoy the surround sound experience and are also ready to pay for it. But, small living room becomes the major hindrance in accommodating all the speakers. Bose has come out with a solution to solve this problem with its highly effective surround sound system. Find out more about it at the AV MAX Expo 2013. 


Place shifting 

This is a revolutionary technology that will completely change the way you see your television, or rather should we say "where" you see your TV. The concept allows to you to watch all your favourite television channels (and for which you have already paid as well) sitting anywhere in the world. You can check the Sling Media products at the AV MAX Expo 2013.  


Digital amplification 

Amplifier is probably the first thing that comes to our mind when it comes to audio technologies. Though trivial, the amplifier section offers a whole lot of scope for innovation and imagination. Devialet from France is doing just the same by capitalising on the wonderful world of amplification. Check out the dazzling digital amplifiers from Devialet at the AV MAX Expo 2013. 

Digital Amplifciation

Digital amplifciation



Ribbon tweeters 

Ribbon tweeters are known for their crisp and snappy sound. They posses this character because the tweeter is a thin diaphragm that is suspended between a magnetic flux. With their lightweight nature and high sensitivity to even the slightest change in the magnetic field, these tweeters are a hit in the audiophile world as well as in the professional domain. No wonder the Legacy Audio Aeris Loudspeakers incorporate this technology. 


High performance HDMI cables 

HDMI cables rely not only on bandwidth but even on other factors like build quality and materials used to deliver a highly immersive audio video experience to the user. The construction of the cables and the solid conductors prevent interaction between different strands of the conductors, thereby reducing cable distortion and improving its overall performance. These High Performance HDMI Cables from AudioQuest are meant to deliver the highest performance in the home-theatre environment. Plug them in and sit back to enjoy the experience.

HDMI Cables

HDMI cables



Electrostatic speakers 

Feel the presence of sound from a material that is as good as transparent. Electrostatic loudspeakers reproduce sound from a slim membrane that is suspended between two materials called stators. With the help of varying electrical currents, the membrane vibrates and ultimately produces sound. The electrostatic speakers will first dazzle you with their looks and then leave you awestruck with their sound, too. The latest electrostatic loudspeakers from Martin Logan have already been shipped to the AV EXPO centre, so be there to hear how they perform.


DAC (Digital Audio Converter)

DAC, as the self-explanatory name goes, converts all the 1’s and 0’s of a digital signal into an analogue current. But the difference here is that this DAC lives within the belly of the Peachtree Audio Nova125 Amplifier – indeed a marvel in terms of new age technology.


Mirror TVs 

So you are a home-theatre enthusiast and crave for entertainment in personal zones like the bathroom. Well, then the Mirror TV from Aero is the perfect thing for you. The Aero Mirror TVs have a high-brightness LCD screen; they guarantee you high definition picture quality and an experience that will leave you stunned. Don’t worry about the moisture as the Aero Mirror TVs are completely waterproof; the electronic parts are completely sealed off from any water or moisture.


Powered soundbars 

With wireless subwoofers, Soundbars are the all new rage in the home theatre world. As they are powered, they can put to shame full-fledged home theatre systems too. Interestingly, wireless subwoofers have also partnered with these soundbars; thus, what you get from this combination is great flexibility in terms of placement and ease of use. Both being wireless means you can explore unlimited opportunities with them.  The Paradigm Soundtrack System is the latest thing to hit the wireless market and it is listed at the AV MAX EXPO 2013 too.





Network media player 

The Network media player brings a multitude of Internet radio stations to your doorstep. With the facility to stream audio content from the Internet as well as NAS based devices; you are no more restricted to using a CD player for all your musical needs. The network media player from Cambridge Audio will be present at the AV MAX EXPO 2013. So be there to experience yourself!


See the products come live at The AV MAX Expo 2013, Hotel Crowne Plaza, Okhla, New Delhi  on 8th, 9th & 10th March, 2013 (10 am to 6 pm). Register now and get a direct entry to AV MAX Expo:




AV MAX is a special interest audiophile magazine that focuses on reviewing  high-end AV equipment like amplifiers, stereos, floorstanding speakers and related news

AV MAX is a special interest audiophile magazine that focuses on reviewing high-end AV equipment like amplifiers, stereos, floorstanding speakers and related news

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