The ASUS Eee Transformer Faces Shortages

The ASUS Eee Transformer has been in the news for a lot of reasons. Combining great specs along with a killer price has us drooling over the prospect of getting our grubby mitts on one. That seemed a little difficult though, as there is news of it being sold out all over.

The bestseller!

Shortages makes us sad...


Well, the bad news is that we may have to wait longer as the Eee Transformer has been hit by production issues. According to Netbooknews, ASUS has been hit by unavailability of components which in turn is hampering the production line. Instead of producing the targeted 300,000 devices per month, ASUS has only been able to do about 10,000 devices. That is a staggering shortage of over 290,000 units.

According to ASUS, the shortage may last till mid-June and even so have not commented as to when it will go back to full capacity. The problem being that the components that ASUS need to build the Eee Transformer are just unavailable, no matter how much ASUS maybe ready to pay.